County residents needs to keep an eye on 'rain tax' [Letter]

June 26, 2013

Wake up Prince George's. This is what you get from a democratically controlled socialistic state and county ("Prince George's releases 'rain tax' plans," Laurel Leader June 20). Rather than state and county officials getting out of their offices, inspecting and or patrolling the county for the bad actors they want more taxes from us. There is no mention that the taxes paid "must" be used for this legislation. Where is it to prevent these additional tax dollars from being used for another pay raise for county officials? Where does it say that the money must be used for storm water management only as it pertains to what ends up in the Chesapeake Bay. Currently it only says "and eventually end up in the Chesapeake Bay." Couldn't a county or state official who wants to help another builder or contractor, use the monies to levy a Special Tax Assessment to help that contractor meet infrastructure and storm water management costs even though the local run off can't make it to the Chesapeake Bay at all — but may "eventually end up in the Chesapeake Bay" 100 years from now?

The plan states "Much of the runoff – which contains oil, trash, chemicals, metals and other pollutants – flows into the waterways from roof tops, garages, parking lots, roadways and other paved surfaces during storms." When was the last time you saw a homeowner change the oil on the roof of their house, in their garage, or on their driveway. When was the last time you saw a homeowner with mounds of trash on their roof, in their garage or in their driveway or cans and bottles of chemicals or other pollutants and metals for that matter? Since when does water from a residence roof, maintained in good order and without barrels of oil or other hydrocarbons stored on it, pollute the rain falling onto it, unless the county has illegal or non-conforming building codes that allow builders to use improper materials? Because the county failed in its job to control and patrol for violators we're being punished with this tax. Get tough on violators and bad actors, not compliant homeowners. What's next Prince George's, a tax on our body weight and number of members in our households for the amount of air we breathe to help repair the hole in the ozone layer?

Wallace Czapla


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