Trash doesn't show our love of Howard County's parks [Letter]

June 26, 2013

Isn't it wonderful that Howard County parks are such people magnets they're actually in danger of being loved to death? ("Park is being 'loved to death,' " 20.) Howard County residents are very fortunate indeed to have such well-loved parks and other recreational amenities.

However, we should show our parks some TLC. Whenever I take a walk or a bike ride in any park, I always find trash: plastic bottles, fast food wrappers, plastic bags, you name it.

It's not for want of trash cans. It looks more like some people just can't be bothered to deposit their trash where it belongs and just drop it where they stand. Come to think of it, the same goes for roads and streets. I rarely walk anywhere without seeing trash along the side of the road. We should all feel called upon to do something about that.

Pick it up and put it in a trash can, or at the very least don't litter, especially not in Howard County's beautiful parks!

Nicoline Smits

Ellicott City

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