Engagement photo anxiety: Where do we go and what do we wear?

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June 26, 2013|By Jamie Bacon, For The Baltimore Sun

My fiancé Keith and I just recently had our engagement pictures taken. I was a little stressed over this because I couldn’t decide what to wear and didn’t know if we should have props or not. I researched a lot online and also asked my friends who have had them done. Everything I saw or heard was different. I was getting conflicting responses because everyone feels differently. I would hear don’t wear something you have worn before then I would see something that said make sure you are wearing something you would normally wear. One article would say wear something plain like jeans and the next would say to wear bright colors. Some articles said to bring props or animals where others said to just be natural. This was making it even harder for me, so while I appreciated the advice, I decided we needed to do what we wanted.

Many people like to have their engagement pictures taken at famous landmarks in their hometown. Baltimore has the Inner Harbor, which is beautiful, and some die-hard sports fans like to get the photographs done down by the stadiums. These make for awesome shots, but at the same time, these ideas may fit with other couples' relationships but not with Keith and mine. We love our Ravens and Orioles but the place that seemed to make the most sense for us was Cromwell Valley Park. 

It is our place. We love to hike there and take our dog there to play in the water. It was where we got engaged. To have our pictures done anywhere else just wouldn’t feel right. Keith ended up wearing khakis and a button-down that he felt comfortable in, and I felt best in a dress and sandals. The only props we used were chalkboards saying “Save the date” and then the actual date. I’m happy with the way we chose to do ours. 

There are plenty of ideas on what to wear or do but at the end of the day you need to just be yourselves.

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