'Pretty Little Liars' recap, 'Cat's Cradle'

  • "A" new target hits close to home in "Cat's Cradle."
"A" new target hits close to home in "Cat's… (Ron Tom / ABC Family )
June 26, 2013|By Tionah Lee

Last week it was the missing RV; this week it’s the missing girl. Where is Mona?

After sifting through Tippy’s things, the liars come across a set of books that potentially hold more secrets from Ali. After agreeing that Mona will know nothing about the book, the girls stumble across a mask that looks similar to the mask that has been following them since their Halloween train ride. Yikes.

Welcome back, Melisa Hastings. After a brief run in with her sister in the coffee shop, Spencer learns that her sister indeed knows nothing about the death of Detective Wilden (or does she)? Melisa is sure things would work out better for the Hastings if they both decide to get out of town. Why?

Aria … is your mom really going to Austria with her cute younger pastry chef boyfriend? Considering it rather? Are you really into Jake? Or is his view of black and white movies a complete turn off for you?

“She always knows when you’re at your weakest.” According to Toby, A is a female, and really knows how to break a person, when they are already down. After re-reading the transcripts from the doctor on his mother’s death at Radley, Toby and Spencer are both convinced that it is time to look into his mother’s death to find more answers.

Spoby is back, and better than ever!

Speaking of welcome backs! Hello Caleb! We have missed you, (have you been spending your time away on the set of Ravenwood)? Caleb spent his time away mending things with his father, after accusing him of taking money from the church. Now that he is back in Rosewood, Caleb is also spending his time convincing Hanna that her mother is not connected with the death of Defective Wilden.

Caleb also lands good boyfriend points for confronting Hanna’s father, and getting more answers about the night he saw Ashley, and learns about his missing gun. (Things are not looking good).

Hanna is not convinced. After going into her mother’s office and spotting the mysterious bouquet of flowers, Ashley informs Hanna that the flowers were given to everyone who attended this alleged New York trip. After looking in her mother’s waste basket, Hanna learns she lied about attending a Broadway show during her trip, and just might be lying about something else.

Poor Emily, we just want your shoulder to get better, and your lies. After a visit with her doctor, Emily refuses to take pain pills, and he can’t seem to guess why. After a call from the Doc an angry Mrs. Fields comes to the school to confront Emily in a not so conventional way. Now family services are involved.

#LiarsAreSuspects! Hanna takes an impromptu trip to the police station and stumbles across the investigation board, a board that in some way connects everyone she knows to the murder of Detective Wilden, just when she decides to take a picture of the board, the plan is foiled and she runs into the hot new state detective who is on the case. Oh yeah, and Melisa Hasting’s too. (How does she manage to know everyone)?

After learning the mysterious mask is Ali’s face, Hanna, Emily and Aria decide to ditch Nancy Drew (sorry Spencer) and investigate on their own. After going to visit the “artist” the girls make a deal.  In exchange for information about his encounter with Alison, Emily has to have a clay mask made of her face. Alison and Emily weren’t his only muse; Hanna found a mask made with the face of Melisa Hastings. (We told you she knows everyone).

In the last min of the episode we see Hanna’s mom running water, Spencer and Melissa have a “heart to heart” and find out that Emily’s father is coming home, because family services have indeed gotten in contact with him. What does all of this mean?

Not to mention the text A sends Emily with her mother behind bars, and the haunting version of “Dem Bones” that plays while the infamous hooded person is looking at Emily’s x-rays. Toby was right, but is Emily at her weakest?

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