The Ravens take shot at Miami Heat fans on Twitter

June 25, 2013|By Matt Vensel | The Baltimore Sun

Consider the Ravens -- or at least whoever was controlling their verified team Twitter account on Tuesday afternoon -- unimpressed with the championship parade that was thrown for the Miami Heat on Monday.

A little after lunchtime, the Ravens tweeted out a picture with an image from a barren segment of the Heat championship parade next to a picture of Ravens fans swarming the streets of Baltimore during the Ravens’ championship parade and another of fans filling M&T Bank Stadium beyond capacity two days after the team won the Super Bowl in February. The Ravens’ tweet read, “#BALTIMORE sure knows how to throw a party!!!”

While the tweet was likely intended to give props to Ravens fans for their support during and after the team’s Super Bowl run, it also hit the back-to-back NBA champion Heat and their loyal fans with a little bit of shrapnel.

(This isn’t the first time the Ravens took a shot at another team on social media. Remember last year when they apologized for posting this on Facebook before the Orioles’ home opener?)

Well, some Miami fans weren’t too pleased and tweeted out photos like this one and this other one that showed much larger crowds than the one in the image the Ravens tweeted.

For what it's worth, the attendance at the Heat’s parade was estimated at 400,000, twice as much as the Ravens’ parade.

Still, the Ravens were not impressed and must have made their best McKayla Maroney faces as they sent out that tweet.

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