Initiatives will help take cars off, put bikes on Towson roads [Letter]

June 25, 2013

I'm writing in response to the letter written by George Good published in the June 12 Towson Times.

If Mr. Good is hoping to drive through Towson on congestion-free roads, then he should support Councilman Marks' efforts to provide a more multi-modal transportation network. As chair of the District 5 Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Committee, I have worked with Councilman Marks to push forward policies that will improve our ability to move through town. Towson is an urban center that relies on single-occupancy automobiles. Without a paradigm shift providing people with a choice other than their car, economic growth will stay stagnant. Roads will stay congested and Towson will be left with empty downtown storefronts, because everyone will head out to the big box shopping centers with big parking lots. Councilman Marks has recognized that transportation improvements must come hand in hand with growth. He has helped introduce a bicycle network to Towson that will be installed this summer, with additional segments added in coming years as funding becomes available. He is introducing legislation requiring developers to include bicycle parking. He has pushed for a shuttle that will connect the major destinations throughout Towson and for pedestrian safety improvements and trails throughout District 5.

These initiatives will help take cars off the road, which reduces congestion, improves the environment and makes Towson a more desirable place to live.

Allysha Lorber


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