State 'going down the rabbit hole' due to gas tax [Letter]

June 25, 2013

We just received a letter from our state senator (Jim Brochin) that has me befuddled.

He says "The new law increases the gas tax from 23.5 cents per gallon to 43.5 cents per gallon by mid-2016. Additional gas taxes will then be linked to the Consumer Price Index (CPI). The leadership in the House and Senate did this so that legislators will not have to continually go on the record and vote for higher gas taxes. While some think that most of this tax money will go to fix roads and bridges, it will not. It is estimated that 58 percent of the money will go toward new light rail services in Baltimore City and Montgomery County where the fare recovery is less than 40 percent. In addition, these new light rail services will cost millions of dollars to operate and will never be self-sustaining. I voted against the gas tax, and I think that attaching future tax increases to the CPI is a cowardly way to raise taxes."

I also think that it's a cowardly way to raise taxes, but then again, that seems to be what we have come to expect from our Annapolis leadership.

I recall hearing that they needed to almost double gas taxes because money was needed to fix roads and bridges in Maryland. I must not have been paying attention when our leadership explained that only an estimated 42 percent of this huge gas tax increase would be going to repair our infrastructure. Or perhaps they never told us. And perhaps that's why I'm befuddled. Seems we are "going down the rabbit hole" again.

David Gosey


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