No handouts for Exelon, Harbor Point

June 24, 2013

Kudos to Carl Councilman Stokes ("Stokes holds up Harbor Point," June 21). I hope the rest of the Baltimore City Council lines up behind him.

Harbor Point should not be developed with a new Exelon Corp. building, let alone one subsidized by taxpayer money.

Exelon has a fine building downtown. Why should ratepayers — we Baltimore Gas and Electric customers who have our rates increased continually — finance a tonier building blocks away from the current one?

Also, rising sea levels will seriously threaten Harbor East, Fells Point, downtown, and other low-lying areas in the coming years. Will Exelon move again at taxpayer cost?

Our city badly needs jobs, but not on projects for which we pay triply, through taxes, utilities and environmental costs.

Liz Simon-Higgs, Baltimore

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