When the government lies

June 24, 2013

Outside of her writings on food, I am far from being a fan of Susan Reimer's columns. But in regard to her column titled, "The teenagers are in charge of our government," (June 20), she not only expresses my sentiment, but came up with a very apt analogy.

I remember the times when — despite party or politics — not only those in charge of the agencies but the civil servants themselves prided themselves on their knowledge, understanding and obligations those agencies held for every citizen. In those days there was no testimony, no scandals.

Susan, my dear, I fear, is that all involved are heading toward the delinquent stage that affects so many needlessly. I hope the adults (voters) see themselves as being necessary and honest, principled as well, hard hitting.

I also hope the media simply see the importance of their duties in reporting, and doesn't act like the Maryland's Juvenile Services Administration whose leadership seems to be content in biding time until those poor teens make it into the adult criminal system. In terms of this nation, that means despotism and tyranny with injustice for all but a few who don't deserve anything but justice.

Michael W. Kohlman, Baltimore

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