Does Edward Snowden flight change the narrative of NSA story?

Kurtz, Greenwald, Bell, Holmes and I discuss on 'Reliable Sources'

June 23, 2013|By David Zurawik | The Baltimore Sun

I had a great chance today to be part of two panels on CNN's "Reliable Sources" that looked at how the media were framing the NSA surveillance story even as Edward Snowden was en route to Moscow and points beyond looking for asylum in Ecuador.

Host Howie Kurtz and the producers threw out the show's game plan and went with the Snowden story during all segments but one Sunday.

Check out these two videos not just to see CNN's worldwide coverage, but also how Kurtz and his guests were able to critique the media aspect of the story as the story itself was unfolding. They explained how Snowden's actions could dramatically shift the media -- as it was actually shifting.

After I got home and listened to replays of some of the other Sunday morning shows, I was shocked at how many guests and hosts had all but instantly dropped their privacy, First Amendment and excessive surveillance concerns to focus on Snowden in negative ways.

I wondered whether some of these correspondents had suddenly became part of the "outreach" program for the Obama administration. 

Forget what you think sbout Snowden. Focus on the issue of our government secretly moving into every aspect of our lives under a president who promised transparency.

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