Cruise ships shouldn't have a license to pollute

June 22, 2013

My wife and I are enthusiastic cruise ship passengers. We enjoy cruises and have taken 40 or more since we met on one in 1962 as teenagers.

But I cannot agree with allowing cruise lines to pollute so that cruise ship passengers can save $5 a day on our voyages ("O'Malley lobbies EPA on fuel rule," June 16). The cleanliness of our air and water for ourselves and our grandchildren is much more important.

Even when the EPA's new limit on sulfur in the bunker oil that cruise ships burn goes into effect in two years, the ships will still be putting 50 to 60 times as much sulfur into the air that we breathe than diesel cars. I support any effort to reduce all forms of pollution in our air, water and land.

David Liddle

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