Is bullying really so bad?

June 21, 2013

Leave it to our well-meaning leaders who by education and legislation want to eliminate "bullying," a behavior that has probably existed since the dawn of mankind. It is a survival instinct. Good luck trying to get rid of a survival instinct.

I would be devastated if my child harmed himself due to bullying, but whom would I be angry at? The world? From childhood through adulthood we are constantly being confronted by bullies. If you do not discover an intelligent, effective, positive way to deal with them, you are doomed.

Bullies bring out a heightened intelligence and strength in us we never knew we had. I have read emails from bullies sent to others that were printed in The Sun. They were mean. But some were also creative and hilarious.

Yes, hilarious. If you do not face your problems in life with a sense of humor, the world will eat you alive. There are two kinds of people in the world: bullies and victims. I, myself, am on the victim side. But I feel that I'm a clever guy with a sense of humor and an inner bully that I must constantly keep in check. Believe me, during life's tough spots, if you do not release your inner bully, you will quickly go from victim to martyr.

This will sound harsh, but I actually wish the teachers at my local school were bullies. I wish the police patrolling my neighborhood were bullies. I wish the coaches of our sports teams were bullies. The results would be that we would have the smartest kids, the safest neighborhood and the winningest sports teams around. And what terrible price would we pay for this success? Some of us would get our feelings hurt. Big whopping deal.

 It is hard to come down on people you feel sorry for. Most bullies I know are like scared babies who are afraid of their own shadow. They compensate for these fears by behaving like a bully. And, I'm supposed to be afraid of or intimidated by these jerks? Unfortunately, most of us are and that is why there are bullies and there will always be bullies. Say what you want about bullying: It works.     

George Ches, Rosedale 

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