Hopkins students invent stealth breast pump

(Handout photo )
June 21, 2013|By Tricia Bishop | The Baltimore Sun

Two Johns Hopkins doctoral students won third place in a national biomedical engineering contest for their invention: a quiet, hands-free and discreet breast pump.

Called the Gala Pump, after the Greek word for milk, the device fits inside a bra and is designed to allow nursing mothers to "discreetly pump in the presence of others," should they need to, according to a statement from Hopkins.

Inventors Adriana Blazeski and Susan Thompson, who created the concept after having her first child two years ago and returning to work and graduate school, launched a company called DS Labs to develop the pump. They plan to soon seek approval to test the prototype on nursing moms -- which the contest judges likely were not, or the inventors would have placed higher.

Most pumps sound like Darth Vader and look like something Madonna would wear on stage.

Tricia Bishop is a new mom who covers family issues for The Baltimore Sun.



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