Health insurers to pay rebates

Marylanders to get average of $143 per family

June 20, 2013|By Andrea K. Walker, The Baltimore Sun

Tens of thousands of Marylanders will get rebates from their health insurance companies this summer under a provision in the Affordable Care Act that requires insurers to spend a certain amount on patient care and quality improvement.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services said Tuesday that 149,961 Maryland residents would get rebates. The rebates, which average $143 per family, will go out by Aug. 1.

The rebates will be given out as a check in the mail, a lump-sum reimbursement to the credit or debit card account the customer used to pay premiums, a reduction in premiums or an employer using the rebates to improve health coverage.

The Affordable Care Act requires insurers to spend at least 80 cents of every premium dollar on patient care and quality improvement.

Nationwide, 8.5 million enrollees are due to receive an average rebate of about $100 per family.

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