After last Sunday, Mirage Nightclub closed its doors for good

  • The Mirage Nightclub logo.
The Mirage Nightclub logo. (Mirage Nightclub's Facebook…)
June 19, 2013|By Wesley Case, The Baltimore Sun

Mirage Nightclub (401 W. Baltimore St.) has closed, according to building owner Anthony Ilkhon. The club's last night of operation was last Sunday. Ilkhon says Mirage, which was previously called Mansion, ended simply because the nightclub had run its course.

"The club was open for two years and it was time for a change," Ilkhon said. "We're changing it 100 percent."

The new business will be an "upscale sports bar catering to the neighborhood," he said, comparing it to Jay-Z's 40/40 Club. The sports bar, which does not yet have a name, will have an entirely new management and staff, Ilkhon said. He hopes to have it open 90 days from now.

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