'The Voice' recap, finals night

  • Danielle Bradbery
Danielle Bradbery (NBC )
June 18, 2013|By Tionah Lee

It was the most important night of the competition.

The Swon Brothers, Michelle Chamuel and Danielle Bradbery had one last chance to make America fall in love with them all over again, and perform for their chance to become The Voice. After making it past the blind auditions, battle rounds, knock outs, top 12, and the semi-finals each contestant had one last night of competition. The Swon Brothers, Michelle, and Danielle each performed three times (a final performance song, the song that defined their moment in the competition, and a song featuring their coach.) for the last Monday night of this season’s competition.

Before the competition got underway, the surviving coaches in the competition, Blake and Usher, were joined by the two coaches who have recently been knocked out of the competition. Taking on yhe Beatles hit “A Little Help from my Friends” it was the final time all of the season four coaches would take the stage together. *tear*

Team Blake: The Swon Brothers

“I Can’t Tell You Why” by The Eagles (Final performance song)

It was time for Coach Blake's resident “okies” to step out of their shell and perform something a little less country, and a little more rock and roll. For their first performance of the night The Swon Brothers performed an Eagles classic, “I Can’t Tell You Why.” Coach Adam Levine felt a wave of support as he heard the duo performed that song for him (another Adam favorite) and complimented the duo for an incredible job. Coach Usher was finally proud the brothers could “find the girl part of their voice” then seriously complimenting the gentleman on the evolution they have demonstrated throughout the competition. While coach Shakira waved an “okies” banner in their support, the duos coach simply called them the “winners” of the competition.

“Danny’s Song” by Kenny Loggins (Defining moment)

After performing the Kenny Loggins classic “Danny’s Song” in the live competition only a couple of weeks ago, the Swon Brothers coach Blake Shelton couldn’t get enough of hearing the duo’s rendition and decided this performance was one of the defining moments for the brothers. Coach Blake Shelton feels he would hear The Swon Brothers version of “Danny’s Song” on the radio in his home-state of Oklahoma, while driving in his car. After earning rave reviews from the coaches the first time,  the second performance of this song was no different.

“Celebrity” by Brad Paisley (ft. Coach Blake Shelton)

The country duo became a trio when the Swon Brothers teamed up with Coach Blake Shelton to turn up the house with a performance of Brad Paisley’s “Celebrity." The performance proved that duo owns every country performance no matter what generation or tempo it is.

Team Usher: Michelle Chamuel

“Why” by Annie Lennox (Final performance song)

Keeping four eyes on the prize, Michelle Chamuel was a vision in white while performing the Annie Lennox hit “Why,” complete with a mirror illusion (thank you coach Usher for taking us back to the moment when Michelle sang to herself in the mirror during rehearsals) and talent. After another show-stopping performance the audience and coaches were impressed by her singing and ability to perform illusions.  Coach Shakira complete with a set of glasses in support of Michelle’s #foureyesontheprize movement complimented her on her ability to stay humble and talented, Coach Blake was blown away by her ability to fool everyone in the audience with the mirror, and her ability to perform a laid back performance, Michelle’s coach Usher felt the performance was simply “Phenomenal.”

“I Knew You Were Trouble” by Taylor Swift (Defining moment)

Our ears are still ringing from Michelle’s first performance of Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble.” The audience loved it, the coaches loved it, America loved it, and most importantly Taylor Swift loved it, making Michelle’s performance of “I Knew You Were Trouble” her defining moment in the competition. It was nice to hear a little more of the performance and get the same feeling seeing her perform it a second time around. Complete with the signature squat to seal the deal on the final note on the performance, Michelle was able to blow everyone away again.

“One” by U2 (featuring Coach Usher)

In a rare and special moment, Michelle performed alongside her coach Usher. The pair took on the U2 classic “One," and made the song a classic on their own. Complete with a full stage set-up Michelle and Usher had all of the chemistry needed to make the song a success and the best coach featured performance of the night.

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