'Real Housewives of Orange County' recap: 'Chicks and Salsa'

  • THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY -- Season 8 -- Pictured: (l-r) Tamra Barney, Heather Dubrow, Gretchen Rossi, Vicki Gunvalson, Alexis Bellino, Lydia McLaughlin -- (Photo by: Alex Martinez/Bravo)
THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY -- Season 8 -- Pictured:… (Bravo / Alex Martinez/Bravo )
June 18, 2013|Steven Eliopoulos | For The Baltimore Sun

The girls are excited to be back in Orange County after the wild bachelorette party in Mexico. Lydia is throwing a salsa party and plans on inviting the entire group, but really wants Heather and Alexis to sit down, talk and make up. Heather agrees to have a mature, civil conversation with Alexis only because she appreciates Lydia trying to be the peacemaker.

Vicki and Tamra get extremely excited when they see their “Wines by Wives” wine labels for the first time. The two girls talk about the anticipation of Lydia’s themed party and Tamra asks why Vicki can’t get along with Gretchen. Even Tamra agrees that Gretchen always makes every situation about her, but claims she is still friends with her and won’t turn her back on her. Out of nowhere, Vicki claims she is not bringing Brooks to the party and that the only way to understand her unsteady relationship with him is to follow her day-by-day. Sorry girl, but ain’t nobody got time for that.

Heather meets Alexis for coffee and tries to resolve previous problems with the other housewife. Heather wants to meet because she doesn’t enjoy having problems with Alexis and wants to fix everything before the salsa party. The two women continue to bicker and disagree over past arguments and how previous situations were handled. After several rude comments from each side, the two ladies admit that no one is perfect. They are willing to forgive and forget and be cordial with one another.

A visit from her mother helps Gretchen realize that all the petty drama within the group is so insignificant compared to everything else currently happening in her life. Her life now is Slade and her family and the BS with the other girls is inconsequential. She is finally happy and doesn’t want to make any mistakes that hurt anyone else.

Briana and Ryan prepare for his deployment and cook one last family meal together with baby Troy. Vicki gets hit with the realization that they have to send Ryan off to war and tries to stay positive for both herself and for her daughter. Briana and Vicki both wish for his safe return home, so they can continue their lives as a family.   

Lydia and Doug (in his hot, tight red pants) arrive at the party and wait for everyone to show up. Lydia tells us her secret to a great party… she hires a great party planner. The salsa-themed party looks great, with cocktails flowing and the Latin music playing.

On the way to the party, Terry thinks it’s a good idea to call Brooks to invite him to the salsa party as Vicki’s date. Once at the party, Slade whispers that Lydia needs to eat a cheeseburger -- referencing her weight, or lack thereof.  Lydia overhears and takes the comment as an insult rather than the funny joke that Slade intended. “Five dollars for the douche jar,” Lydia says. This isn’t the first time Slade has joked about a woman’s weight, whether it’s too thin or too overweight. Maybe he should learn to keep his mouth shut when it comes to women and weight issues.  

Brooks randomly shows up with a bouquet of roses for Vicki and everyone wonders why he showed up. Brooks tells everyone he misses them and even Tamra acknowledges she is willing to evolve with Brooks if that is what Vicki wants. After a night to think about her reactions, Tamra realizes that there is something not to trust about Brooks.

Time for the salsa lessons! “Eddie has got the skills to pay the bills,” says Tamra with regards to Eddie’s dance abilities. What is this world coming to, when Vicki and Slade can dance with one another?! And Tamra and Brooks!?! Lydia truly is the ultimate peacemaker.

Overall, Lydia was happy with the fun evening where friends could dance and let loose. Before the night is officially over, Lydia calls Slade out for making fun of her earlier that night. She also brings up his comments about Vicki and her body, which Lydia claims is the major cause for her decision to get plastic surgery. Slade needs to learn proper etiquette and should focus a little more attention on Gretchen rather than being concerned with what the others look like.   

Tamra needs help getting ready for her wedding and asks all the girls, including Alexis, to go wedding-dress shopping. Gretchen questions why Alexis was invited to tag along on wedding activities when she hasn’t been to anything else. Alexis made it through the salsa party without any “scratches or bruises,” but the poor girl is still causing drama within the group of women. Gretchen complains to Tamra about her decision to invite Alexis and Tamra wants to know why Gretchen is so concerned about who she invites to HER wedding-dress shopping.

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