Privacy is great, but not getting blown up is better

June 17, 2013

I just read letter writer Charlie Cooper's response ("Do you really trust the government?" June 14) to my previous letter to The Sun ("Don't worry: The NSA isn't interested in you," June 12). While I am sympathetic to his feelings about privacy, I am personally more worried about a group of terrorists getting hold of a nuclear weapon and setting it of in Washington or New York or London, or pretty much anywhere.

Someone listening in to my telephone conversations or looking at my e-mails holds relatively little fear compared to being fried to a crisp! Especially as I think they are doing it to prevent terrorism, at least primarily. If it should turn out that they are using the spying to find out if I am having an affair with my neighbor's wife, or writing letters exposing Congressional wrong doings, then I guess I'll worry about that then.

Meanwhile, stray nuclear weapons and their detonation are my first concern!

David Liddle

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