Taxed and fee'd to death

June 17, 2013

Does anyone remember the political ad telling voters a fee was the same as a tax? An African-American woman was featured saying: "If it comes out of my pocket, it's a tax."

Well that is what is happening with the proposed bag tax in Baltimore City, because there is no refund for returned bags.

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and the City Council want to charge a fee for every bag customers receive under the guise of helping to keep trash out of the tributaries that flow into the Chesapeake Bay. Yet how does this keep trash out of the tributaries when the bags don't get returned for proper disposal?

Mayor Rawlings-Blake and the council should stop following Gov. Martin O'Malley and President Barack Obama in lying to the public and call this what it is: It's a tax on top of the "rain tax," the bottle tax, the gas tax and all the other taxes imposed over the last four years.

Ms. Rawlings-Blake says she is going to increase the city's population by 10,000 families over the next decade. Her constant city tax increases say otherwise.

J. Michael Collins, Reisterstown

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