Now not time to burden sixth-graders with career choices [Letter]

June 14, 2013

A little career advice ("Superintendent tells pupils ..." in the June 15 issue of Towson Times) for sixth-graders? Can we please let these students be kids for a few more years? Sixth-grade really is not the time to burden youngsters with concerns about their future; now is the time for them to enjoy being kids, enjoy learning, explore their world.

Dallas Dance states that he thought about his future career while in high school, not middle school. We are burdening our children, making them anxious about how to afford higher education; how to set themselves up for careers.

My college-aged children are worried about how they will support themselves; at least they are approaching the age where they can handle these pressures. Sixth-graders can't, and should not.

Jill Sullivan


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