Don't worry; the NSA doesn't care about you

June 12, 2013

Since I have nothing to hide and would like to protect myself and my family from terrorists, I have no problem with the government looking at my e-mails and listening to my phone calls ("NSA data surveillance sparks privacy debate," June 9).

I see no reason for the government to listen or look except to try to find terrorists. What other possible reason could there be? Do they really want to hear me ask my wife to pick up a DVD from the library or some milk from the store on her way home? And are they in the least bit interested when someone's wife calls her lover and says: "Come on over, he just left?" I don't think so.

But there are thousands of nuclear weapons out there in at least a dozen countries, half of which don't watch them as well as we do. And there are thousands of terrorist organizations that would like nothing better than to get one, or several of them, to use on us.

I'm sure that even now there are terrorists figuring out how to steal or buy a nuclear weapon. And when they get it, which I am sure they will, they will not hesitate for one second to set it off in Washington, D.C., New York, London or any one of thousands of other soft targets.

Meanwhile we are helping them with our stupid false horrors about our e-mails and phone call being "listened" to.

When that first nuclear weapon is detonated, probably within 10 years, those who did not want to be listened to — why I don't know, but I guess because they are doing something they shouldn't be doing — will be the first to say: "Why didn't they do anything to stop them?"

Well guess what: that's just what they are trying to do now — stop the terrorists. They have no more interest in listening in on your sordid goings-on than I do.

David Liddle

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