Ehrlich is right; Obama's foreign policy a shambles

June 12, 2013

While some of the examples given by Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. may be debatable, certainly there should be no argument about the foreign policy of the administration is now in tatters ("Obama foreign policy follies befuddle both right and left," June 9). In Egypt, we intervened to allow the overthrow of the existing government for one that represents an Islamic authoritarian regime. In Syria, we have refused to intervene, allowing Iran and Russia to control the destiny of the uprising with both sides now antagonistic to democratic ideals. Even if we do intervene, the opportunity for a democratic regime is now gone with the present confrontation, not only in Syria but neighboring countries between Shiites and Sunnis. In the meantime, Iran's nuclear program continues unimpeded.

Outside of the Middle East, our policy toward China and Russia has been a disaster with Russia suppressing freedom and challenging our position in the field of international diplomacy. The same can be said for China. Our foreign policy is in disarray.

Nelson Marans, Silver Spring

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