Dad's value goes up this Father's Day

June 12, 2013|Eileen Ambrose

You can’t put a value on a father’s love, but apparently you can put a price on the chores he does around the house. looked at the traditional chores that fathers do at home and put a dollar figure to them using hourly wage data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. As it turns out, dear ol’ dad’s work amounts to $23,244, up nearly $3,096 from a year ago.

“Dads benefited from wage increases for drivers, teachers, coaches and plumbers,”’s Amy Danise said in a statement.

With accountants and plumbers earning some of the highest hourly wages, dads can increase their value by handling more of the family’s finances or fixing a leaky pipe, Danise added.

That likely won’t happen. According to a survey of parents, found that dads’ favorite household jobs are barbecuing and helping with homework. Plumbing — a favorite of 2 percent of the 500 men surveyed — was on par with moving furniture. did a similar report recently on mothers. The market value of mom this year is $59,862. That’s a lot more than dad’s value, but mom’s worth has fallen the last two years.

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