What sort of person reads "You Don't Say"?

June 11, 2013|By John E. McIntyre | The Baltimore Sun

Having commented repeatedly on the literacy and exclusivity of the audience for this blog, I'd like to turn today to some particulars. Assuming, I think reasonably, that people who follow me as @johnemcintyre on Twitter are also likely readers of this blog, I present some recent followers and their self-descriptions.

carrie mason-draffen (@newsgirlie): "Newsday reporter/columnist, author of 151 Quick Ideas to Deal With Difficult People." Haven't read it, but if it excludes firearms and the cat, it must be an impressive list. 

Lauren Raab @raablauren "Copy editor at @latimes.Contributor to @latimespast. Excited about apricots and peaches now that summer's coming, because have you tasted those things?" Fellow Tribunista and admirer or stone fruit. Drupes, if you will.

Jacqueline Durett @jmdurett "Greater Media correspondent covering South Amboy, South River and Woodbridge, N.J." And former student in my copy editing class at Loyola. 

Katie McInerney @k*tmac "Gannett journalist, designing pages for @the advertiser. Graduate of @dailyorange. First overall pick in the 2002 Nantucket Little League softball draft." Shared experience of Gannett (from which I am a refugee) and Syracuse (at which I wrote scornful letters to the Daily Orange).

Dan Cyr @dan_cyr "Attorney in training. Making sense of positive social science. Innovation in the legal profession. Second year law student." Law student, hmm? Once you let that element in ...

Max @mstottrop "I served the Mad King until I graduated. I write for @Klickgranaten and @_Photogenic." We have all served the Mad King at one time or another.   

Tessy Schlosser @tessy29 "{ hippie (y/o) flâneuse }" As an aspiring flaneur, I sense a kinship.

Lindsey Alexander @blondone "Indiana-based freelance writer and editor. Kentuckian. Wearer of cowboy boots, drinker of milk, lover of poems, stories, and tall tales. Editor @TypecastPub." Fellow child of the Dark and Bloody.

Fiona Tweedie @FCTweedie "Roman historian, charities researcher, Gov 2.0 enthusiast, brunch aficionado. May contain traces of nuts." Your name alone inspires my admiration.

Elly @EllyfromOZ "Mother, law lecturer, PhD has stalled. I like politics and shiny things. Running makes me happy. A retweet is not commitment." Mine stalled sometime after 1979; notes, proposal, and draft of first chapter are in a box in the garage.

Jan Feeman @Jan__Freeman Former language columnist for The Boston Globe, blogger at Throw Grammar From the Train, and constant voice for sensible understanding of language usage. I appropriated her as a moll from the first Grammarnoir serial.

Erin Periwinkle @edithperiwinkle "curmudgeon, cynic, and Episcopalian. history, humor, books, culture, nature, historic preservation." Curmudgeon, cynic, Episcopalian? That's my tribe.










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