Craig taken to task on subject of teacher pay [letter to the editor]

June 11, 2013|Letter to The Aegis


Congratulations to David Craig in his bid for Governor of the State of Maryland.

I wonder if Mr. Craig realizes that for each Maryland county, there is a county teacher's union. There are many teachers in the State of Maryland, many students of voting age who want to become teachers and even more family and friends of teachers. If there was never any additional room in the Harford County budget for teacher pay increases in the past five years, why does he think that teachers throughout Maryland will have any faith or expectations of being treated fairly in the State of Maryland budget under the control of David Craig?

When the rest of the State of Maryland learns that for five years, the Harford County teachers have actually had declining income due to other increased benefit costs, do you really think that they are going to support Mr. Craig?  Do you really think that a college student with a major in education wants to anticipate their fifth year of teaching with a pay that is less than their first year? Mr. Craig once personally sent me a letter explaining that he was a teacher at one time and that his son is a teacher, so he certainly understood the plight of the teachers. Really?

It doesn't affect Mr. Craig's retirement income from the Harford County Board of Education and if his family's income doesn't interest him, are we expected to think that the rest of Maryland's income will interest him either? I have never had much interest in campaigning; however, what David Craig has done or what he has not done for the teachers of Harford County is enough to encourage me to campaign against him. I can assure Mr. Craig that his lack of support of the educators of Harford County will follow him in any campaign he pursues.

Mary Pierzchalski

Bel Air

The writer is married to a teacher.

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