The booboisie emerges victorious

June 10, 2013

What would the Sage of Baltimore say? The Barney John C. Calhoun Fife sheriff of far Western Maryland's Wild West has ruled on the constitutionality of the state's recently enacted gun law — and he's agin' it ("Sheriff won't enforce gun law," June 6).

Meanwhile, 48 percent of the yokels who responded to The Sun's unscientific (to say the least) poll on "court-packing" say that President Obama is doing just that by filling existing vacancies.

So the Republicans have finally won. They wanted to dumb down the population and have brainless serfs to tend their gardens, cook their food and shop at Walmart.

Well, they've gotten what they wanted. When people don't know about the root causes of the Civil War or Roosevelt's real court-packing scheme, then there is no point in trying to edumicate 'em.

Frank Fletcher, Baltimore

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