Charlestown's caring community

June 10, 2013

Thanks to Jean Marbella for her uplifting story about the Charlestown retirement community ("Charlestown ages gracefully," June 7).

My mother, a very independent and independent-minded mother of eight and grandmother of 15, was a resident of the Charlestown community until her recent passing.

A few weeks before her "being called home," Mother exclaimed that she had something important to tell me. My first thought was: "Oh no, what is coming next?"

Instead, I was taken aback by Mother's words: "Do not worry about me," she said, "and tell your brothers and sisters not to worry about me. I have everything I need right here."

Thank you, Charlestown, for your wonderful sense of community, caring and service. Mother's eight children and their respective families are all most grateful.

Joanne Cecil Brown

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