DNA testing isn't like taking fingerprints

June 07, 2013

The Sun's reasoning regarding the recent ruling on DNA collection is severely flawed ("Court is right on DNA," June 4).

DNA is not 21st-century fingerprinting, and it does more than identify a person. It's likely there is yet undetermined information stored in the "non-coding" section of DNA.

It is irrelevant whether the information gathered is used or not. The very fact that the state has taken the information from an individual violates the Fourth Amendment.

It can be likened to taking someone's computer. The police may only seek specific information, but they have access to everything on it. In fact, they have to search the entire computer.

In other words, they are conducting a full search of the person's effects. This is not only objectionable but a clear violation of the Fourth Amendment.

Russell Weisfield, Arvada, Colo.

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