Claims that tax big subsidies for developers will help the poor ring hollow

June 06, 2013

Congratulations to City Council members Carl Stokes and Nick Mosby for forcefully questioning the proposed $107 million in taxpayer assistance for a major waterfront development ("Harbor Point tax deal challenged," June 3).

After four decades of working with people who subsist a paycheck away from homelessness, and having witnessing the growth of homeless shelters from five in 1977 to over 60 today, I find it very hard not see the successive and ever larger subsidies of public funds to hotels and waterfront developments as simply enabling the growth of gilded enclaves, separate and utterly disconnected from the kind of Third-World poverty and despair that has only worsened over 40 years in our city.

The claim that taxpayer assistance will "spur millions in economic growth and improve the well being of poorer areas in Southeast Baltimore" rings very hollowly indeed in this taxpayers' ears.

Jane Harrison, Baltimore

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