Hold elected officials accountable for violence

June 03, 2013

Seeing the article with the folks in Cherry Hill who prayed for the baby is heartbreaking ("Cherry Hill community asks for peace," May 30). Your paper refuses to address the real issues however.

Violence is out of control in America. The Los Angeles Times quit tracking murders back in December, 2012. Try and find statistics from Chicago beyond piecemeal neighborhood incidents.

Leadership in America consists of a bunch of jaded, power thirsty and criminally negligent talking heads that say whatever it takes to get elected and continually preen for their next election and post-government career.

Holding elected officials accountable is the job of the media. Unfortunately, bias is predominant. Instead of chasing the stories from start to finish, there is an apparent allegiance to the governor, the mayor and the president, all of whom are failing to deliver on campaign promises. There is corruption coming out of every corner and agency from the prisoners running the prisons to the IRS applying politically biased pressure on not-for-profits, and even the invasive spy methods directed at the Associated Press.

This is corruption condoned by The Baltimore Sun, Fox News, the L.A. Times, pretty much all of the major old-style media. Because what matters most is sticking to your opinions and backing your damned party instead of speaking out about the garbage delivered by elected officials.

Second chances for murderers is patently absurd. I spoke of this nonsense with women at work who are of mixed backgrounds and mixed political views. We all feel sorrow unanimously for the loss of a child's life in Cherry Hill due to some sick, confused and consumed by drugs individuals no doubt in the pursuit of some pitiful amount of money and more drugs.

Apparently the media thinks we, the people, cannot differentiate between promises and actions. I voted for Barack Obama and that means he owes me, along with all the rest of us who voted for him, delivery on his promises. Even more than to those who voted for U.S. Sen. John McCain.

Same for Gov. Martin O'Malley. I voted for him, too.

I have realized that the two-party system is broken for a long time, but at this point it seems to me that it is largely broken because the press has become frightfully opinionated and involved in perpetuating the myths delivered by whomever is in office.

Not a word came out against the stupidity of tripe about "cracking down on second time offenders" in the face of yet another innocent child's death.

For shame, Baltimore Sun, for shame.

Integrity matters. Honesty and accountable leadership is all it takes to sort out the problems facing our cities and communities. All the rest are merely excuses and a waste of energy, money and precious time, not to mention lives.

Mothers, sisters, daughters need to step up and pray for that newest angel in heaven to give us the strength and courage and commitment to clean up our collective act. And please, every God loving man, brother, uncle and friend join us. Many hands make light work. Technology and knowledge is sufficient to end this war on drugs, the war on terror and to stop living in fear.

The only ones benefiting while the rest of us set back and watch are the 1 percent who are constantly protecting their own interests.

V.W. Kerr, Chestertown

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