On seat belts, police have their priorities all wrong

June 03, 2013

If the cops have so much free time that they can do night time programs to see if I am wearing my seat belt then something is wrong.

Maybe instead of protecting me from myself they should protect me from the "Public Enemy No. 1" Black Guerrilla Family and the trucking company that caused the accident with the train this week. Then the cops would be doing something to protect me from others.

Or take that time to protect me from people texting and driving like fools. Last weekend I went to my cabin in the woods near Paw Paw, W. Va., and I saw one cop the entire 90-mile ride each way on Interstate 70. But I saw a few stupid drivers texting who were making it dangerous for others on the road.

Get your priorities right.

Joe Heldmann, Catonsville

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