Ears open to Inner Harbor complaints

June 01, 2013

For 10 years, I've published The Inner Harbor Network, a monthly neighborhood calendar. It boggles the mind anyone would consider the Inner Harbor unwelcoming. It came as a surprise this sentiment exists, and that young African-Americans sense exclusion ("Youths seek 'inclusive' Inner Harbor," May 30).

I'm sorry Rickya'h Brooks, Marquise Robinson and members of the Inner Harbor Project never saw my website. Granted, it is extremely hard to get information about what's happening in the area. I've been more than vocal about this to anyone connected with Inner Harbor activities. Yes, it is a real problem, but I never considered it exclusionary, just a case of poor public relations.

I'd love to talk to the Inner Harbor Project members since I, too, believe much needs to be done to promote local happenings. However, before going to the police, a visit to Councilman William H. Cole IV would have made more sense. Also, Visit Baltimore would be happy to listen to any complaints about the Inner Harbor, as would Waterfront Partnership.

It would be great to work with this group and I look forward to that opportunity!

Rosalind Ellis Heid, Baltimore

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