Heatwave and water shortage drain some city schools

Delivery back-up caused shortage in at least four schools, officials say

May 31, 2013|Erica L. Green

As the first heat wave hit the city mid-week, at least four schools ran out of drinking water, city school officials confirmed.

The Sun received emails from around the city reporting that schools hadn't received deliveries from water companies--and for years, school water fountains have been off-limits due to contamination.

City school officials confirmed that due to delivery back-ups, three schools contacted the district Thursday morning regarding their water supply: Mt. Royal Elementary/Middle, Arlington Elementary and Roland Park Elementary/Middle.

Arlington and Roland Park reported low water, while Mt. Royal ran out. Officials said water was delivered to all three schools Thursday.

Polytechnic Institute was out of water all day Thursday, according to those who wrote in from the school, though city school officials said that they didn't receive a report until late Thursday.

Poly received water on Friday.

"This is something that occasionally happens, but the vendor always delivers and we always find water to cover the schools until the deliveries occur," a spokesperson said.

Officials said there were no reported public health issues related to the water shortage.



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