Man gets in shootout with police, barricades himself in home

No injuries as suspect eventually surrenders without incident

May 28, 2013|By Justin George, The Baltimore Sun

A man on a bicycle exchanged gunfire with Baltimore police Tuesday afternoon before barricading himself in a home and surrendering.

No one was injured. Police said the exchange occurred about 1 p.m. in the 2500 block of Robb Street, an area that police had saturated with patrol officers because of recurring violence.

Officers saw a man on a bike they believed was involved in "some criminal activity" and tried to stop him when he pulled out a gun, Deputy Commissioner John Skinner said. Multiple shots were fired, but Skinner did not know who fired first or how many bullets were fired.

The man then barricaded himself in a row house for several minutes before he surrendered without incident.

Police did not release the man's identity or the identities of the officers involved. Police policy dictates the officers' identities won't be released for 48 hours after the incident.

Homicide detectives are investigating the shooting since it involved police firing their guns — also department protocol.

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