'Real Housewives of Orange County' recap: 'Speech Therapy'

  • THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY -- Season 8 -- Pictured: (l-r) Tamra Barney, Heather Dubrow, Gretchen Rossi, Vicki Gunvalson, Alexis Bellino, Lydia McLaughlin -- (Photo by: Alex Martinez/Bravo)
THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY -- Season 8 -- Pictured:… (Bravo / Alex Martinez/Bravo )
May 28, 2013|Steven Eliopoulos | For The Baltimore Sun

Tamra and Heather discuss Gretchen’s shady behavior at the filming of “Hot in Cleveland,” leaving Heather wanting not to invite her or Slade to anything else. Heather forgives but doesn’t forget the big argument between her and Terry and is still bothered by Terry’s recent conduct.

Alexis and Lydia chat over coffee. Alexis states she would have enjoyed seeing Heather film her guest role on the sitcom. Lydia says it is a time where the group of ladies are having good things occur in their lives and thinks that Alexis should be a part of it. Lydia suggests that Alexis needs to make a bold move, by apologizing to the group and trying to move things along with the broken relationships.

Vicki visits Brooks at his place, since he isn’t allowed in her house with Ryan and Brianna. Vicki sees Brooks two-three times a week, but wonders why everyone can’t be respectful of her life. Brooks proposes a romantic getaway with just him and Vicki but between babysitting commitments and prior travel plans, they have a difficult time planning a weekend where they are both free.

Tamra meets with a communications expert as she prepares for speaking in front of a large group of women at the L.A. Women’s Expo. She admits her fear of public speaking and seeks advice. The expert suggests to share personal stories of her past that will help empower the women.

Lydia describes herself as “not domesticated,” doesn’t do loads of laundry and says she “doesn’t cook" but "makes reservations.” Lydia mentions her growing concern for her post-smoking mother to her husband Doug and blames it on her family’s extremely religious upbringing.  

Judy visits Lydia later and brings ingredients for dinner so she can teach her daughter how to cook. If I had a dollar for every time Lydia has said “pot” this season, I would be a millionaire and would be a real housewife of my own. They have the same marijuana conversation that they have had the past couple of weeks and still don’t resolve the situation.  

Gretchen visits a fertility doctor and even wears a skirt for “easy access.” She is ready to have a baby and wants to meet with a doctor to see what her options are with Slade.

Slade had a vasectomyyears ago and she wants him to get unsnipped, but first she receives an ultrasound to see if she is fertile and producing eggs. Gretchen is scared of the overwhelming medical equipment and is nervous about the whole baby process. She finds out that she is “lush, beautiful and plump” on the inside (as well as the outside).

The doctor claims that their best chance for success would be in vitro fertilization and not performing the reverse vasectomy on Slade. Even though this unnatural birthing process is not exactly what Gretchen and Slade had in mind, they are willing and eager to give it a shot.

Vicki is babysitting while Ryan and Brianna attend the Marine Ball. Ryan got orders that he has to go back to Afghanistan to fight in the war for another year. It worries Vicki and Bri that he will soon be back in the war zone, but they assure him they will take good care of baby Troy. Vicki quickly realizes that every moment spent with her family is priceless and decides to put family before Brooks.

Heather and Terry go on a special night out. Terry comes up with excuses for his “stupid” behavior the past few weeks. He gives yet another sincere apology and writes Heather a sensitive letter. It seems like a nice card and dinner is all Heather was looking for. She appreciates the genuine gesture. 

Tamra is uncomfortable with giving her inspirational speech in front of over 1,000 ladies. Sandy, Tamra’s mother, travels with her in the limo and will be in the audience when her daughter gives the speech. Tamra is prepared to open up about her life, but is concerned that there are some things that her mom will hear about her life that she may not want to hear.

All Tamra wants to do is make a positive impact on these women’s lives. After a few awkward jokes and stumbling over a few words, Tamra opens up to the audience about her love life, confidence and self-esteem issues, marriage and even thoughts of suicide. Tamra concludes on a high note with how her negative circumstances have helped her develop and mature into the strong businesswoman she is today.

Following the speech, Tamra confronts her mother about why she never said “I love you” to her when growing up. Not knowing how to express emotions brings out Tamra’s anger. She faces the challenges of her past with her current friends and family relationships.

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