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Color Run to draw 25,000 to Camden Yards

Participants will travel through clouds of colored corn starch by stadiums

May 09, 2013|By Chris Kaltenbach, The Baltimore Sun

"In these kind of 5Ks, there's a nice mix of people who want to race, people who want to go out just to enjoy the wind and the weather, and people who just like to be around other people," he says. "It does give you a lift, when you run surrounded by others."

Besides, he notes, the idea of running — or even just intently strolling — around the stadiums where the Orioles and Ravens play comes with its own built-in appeal.

"It's kind of exciting to run around a sports stadium," he says. "You can indirectly connect with some of the energy that's in a stadium on game day. You can dream of being a very athletic person, a person competing at the highest level."

About 70 percent of Color Run participants are women ages 18 to 40, officials say. "Maybe that's because it's more of a family-centric event?" speculates Color Run spokeswoman Jessica Nixon. "There always seem to be a lot of mothers here with young children."

Adds McDuff, "Women in general tend to prefer to be part of a group."

The Color Run touts that more than 60 percent of participants in its events are running their first 5Ks. But competitive runners, too, can appreciate the fun. Christy St. Clair, treasurer and past president of the Baltimore Road Runners Club, says she won't be at the stadiums Saturday, but she can understand why other people will be.

"I don't think they feel the pressure of having to be fast. I think they just enjoy the moment, more than anything," she says. "I think it would be a fun thing to do. Why not? If nothing else, it broadens your portfolio of running events."

For Jessica Suriano, whose 8-year-old daughter, Julia, is a student at Roland Park Elementary, Saturday's race will be providing some serious mother-daughter bonding time. And possibly, for young Julia, an additional benefit as well.

"She's really excited that this is happening on Mother's Day weekend," Suriano says. "She asked me the other day, 'Does this count as my Mother's Day present to you, that I'm running this race with you?'"


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