Authorities too quick to kill fox

May 07, 2013

I was absolutely appalled at reading that the dear baby fox who was rescued by concerned firefighters was euthanized for fear of rabies ("Rescued fox pup put down for fear of rabies," May 5). This baby fox was given a second chance at life when it was rescued and was even newsworthy enough to appear on local TV stations. When the public saw this, I know in my heart that all they could feel was happiness for this dear creature.

What is the purpose of wildlife rescue sanctuaries? I donate money each year to these organizations who are run by volunteers and veterinarians who donate their time. This baby easily could have been taken to a wildlife rescue group. It would have been quarantined and given the appropriate care needed to survive and be reintroduced into the wild.

The firefighters even said they were never bitten, scratched, etc. The animal obviously did not look ill and they, too, are unnerved about it's unnecessary death. I don't want to hear any negative feedback in regards to animals and rabies. I am well aware it exists and more prevalent in certain animals. However, this was an atrocity. Who ever made that so critical decision should have their own head examined.

Kim R. Filer, Nottingham

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