The Shield builds on its main event status on WWE Raw

April 30, 2013|By Arda Ocal

What a difference a week makes.

It's not like the members of The Shield weren't already on an upward trajectory to main event status. But, when you get to interact with The Undertaker to the degree the trio did last week in WWE, that's a game changer.

On Raw last week, The Shield beat The Undertaker, Kane and Daniel Bryan. On Smackdown, The Undertaker beat Dean Ambrose, but then The Shield left the Dead Man laying and vulnerable.

This week, The Shield was victorious again, against the team of Team Hell No and John Cena.

It's refreshing to see a team like The Shield, three relative youngsters in their WWE careers, receive so much on-air responsibility and do so well with it. All three are hitting home runs in their respective roles, despite the fact that Ambrose seems to be the one that's leading the pack.

In a time where main event stars are needed and more than welcome, The Shield is filling the gap nicely.


- John Cena reasserted himself as one of the coolest athletes in the world by granting Nick, a Make-A-Wish child, his dream of being a part of Raw. The trio of "The Eliminator," "Nick The Stitch" and "Lightning Logan" got cheers from the WWE audience in a heartfelt moment. Cena's work as a philanthropist is separate to many from his work in the ring, however, as the boo birds still came out to play when he was performing.

- The Bella Twins used Twin Magic to beat Nikki the Funkadactyl. With WWE's new Divas-oriented program on E!, I expect more face time for the division, which also saw Kaitlyn discover she has a secret admirer (no, it's not me... but I kinda wish it was.).

- Randy Orton beat Cody Rhodes and Dolph Ziggler beat Kofi Kingston in good matches. Particularly with Ziggler-Kingston, the formula is a tried tested and true one. Ziggler bumps like crazy to Kingston's offense, Kingston almost wins several times then Ziggler capitalizes on a mistake and barely gets the victory. Great match, crowd was invested. Proven formula.

- 3MB interrupted a Shield promo. Jinder Mahal said he will "Rock Your Face." I hope this doesn't become a T-shirt.

- Jack Swagger beat Zack Ryder, who is growing out his hair (his new motto can be "Take Care, Part Your Hair").

- Mark Henry beat "Sweet T" and Brodus, respectively, in a  tug-of-war, then Sheamus almost lost but let go of the rope. I don't mind Sheamus and Mark Henry in a feud. It's not a draw, but its also not a channel changer for me.

- Alberto Del Rio beat Antonio Cesaro, who has fallen off the radar. In the past few weeks, he wasn't on the WrestleMania card, lost the U.S. title, started yodeling, and this week, didn't get a TV entrance. He's falling off the radar ... which means, of course, he will win a Money in the Bank briefcase later this year and many will be more surprised by it! (... at least I hope)

- Del Rio's other half, Ricardo Rodriguez, won a match involving Zeb Coulter and Big E Langston, which allows Del Rio to pick the stipulation for the triple-threat match at Extreme Rules. I personally feel Ricardo drives this duo, getting much of the sympathy and emotional interest from the WWE Universe.

- Fandango and Great Khali had a dance off. Khali won. Yeah.

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