Orioles, Joe Saunders talk about Mariners' 6-2 win on Monday

April 30, 2013|By Dan Connolly | The Baltimore Sun

SEATTLE -- The Orioles lost to former teammate Joe Saunders and the Seattle Mariners, 6-2, Monday night at Safeco Field.

Here's what some of the key figures had to say afterward:

Buck Showalter on Zach Britton: “Pitched OK. All things considered. I think the last inning he gave up runs they hit one ball out of the infield. He got through the first inning, I thought he fared well after he gave up the home run. He gave us a chance. We just didn’t do much off Saunders.”

Showalter on Saunders: “He pitched well, obviously. It’s not any big secret about what Joe is going to do. You’ve just got to make the adjustment a little bit. He mixed in a lot of pitches like he does. The reason he has been pitching for a long time. We just didn’t make the adjustment to what he was doing. You keep putting the ball on the ground over there, you’re going to get a lot of outs.”

Showalter on whether Britton stays in rotation: “We’ll see where we are. We want to see how his shoulder is. He took a right-on-the-button blow from the throw (from the umpire). Nobody is trying to hit him or anything. Thought he was looking. Nothing you can do about it. It’s just unfortunate. I think he is fine. He felt good. But like always we see how we best present ourselves in the next start and Zach is certainly a good option.”

Showalter overall on Britton giving up tough hits: “He went through some periods there where he was good. There were some balls there that … I don’t really feel like they really centered him up a lot other than the home run. But they had some good at-bats off him, something we weren’t able to do off Joe.”

Showalter on Britton bouncing back next time after a rough line Monday: “I don’t look at it as a gloom-and doom, that bad of a start. The problem was tonight we didn’t do anything off their starter. That’s a whole different ballgame if we can put a little more pressure on him. Other than Matt we didn’t really put any pressure on him. So it is magnified if you are just looking at numbers by what we scored. You look at starts differently if we win 7-6 we’d be having different conversations. I try to keep reality in mind.”

Showalter on Saunders’ dominance at Safeco: “We are aware of it. … It’s something you are constantly looking at. It doesn’t surprise you any. It doesn’t surprise you any by what he is doing. It’s frustrating that you have a good idea of what he is doing and still he can do it, but that’s major league pitchers.”

Showalter on the ump plunk: “Alan (Porter) thought he was looking at him and he wasn’t. It him on the shoulder and stung him a little bit, but he pitched pretty well after that. That inning they hit one ball out of the infield on him.”

Zach Britton on his performance:
“It wasn’t a great day. A lot of hits, but a lot of ground balls that kind of got through when guys got on base. Just one pitch away from getting out of those innings…just a matter of getting the ball down and getting a ground ball. For the most part, a couple broken-bat hits and some ground balls. and when you are trying to get ground balls, sometimes they sneak through the hole and the next outing they can find guys. It’s frustrating but it wasn’t all bad. There was some good spots. I was hoping to give the teams some innings. Six is not ideal but it’s a little bit more than some games I've had in the past.”

Britton on carrying over success from Norfolk: “Pitching to contact and I think with guys on base if I locate the sinker a little better…if I get that down, I get the ground balls. And in Norfolk I was getting ground balls. Up here they are a little bit better hitters and you leave it up and they are going to do damage.”

Britton on the momentum changer: “I think the turn of the game is after we scored and went ahead (in the fourth), being able to shut the door right there. And unfortunately I wasn’t able to do that.”

Britton on being hit by the umpire’s throw: “Yeah, the umpire smoked me. I had no idea, I was looking down at the ball and all of a sudden another ball hit me. I had no idea what was going on, but it didn’t feel great. … Just (hit me) right on top of the shoulder, kind of hit a nerve so it kind of tingled for a second. … I was like, ‘Oh boy. Here we go again.’”

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