'Real Housewives of Orange County' recap, 'The Party is Done!'

  • L-R: Lydia McLaughlin, Alexis Bellino, Vicki Gunvalson on "The Real Housewives of Orange County."
L-R: Lydia McLaughlin, Alexis Bellino, Vicki Gunvalson on… (Evans Vestal Ward/Bravo )
April 30, 2013|By Steven Eliopoulos

Welcome to Crazytown. 

Episode 5 resumes with Tamra wanting to kick almost everyone out of her party. Even Lydia agrees that Alexis isn’t getting bullied and doesn’t have a problem with not feeding into her pity party. Gretchen and Heather play voice of reason and explain why Alexis was wrong for showing up to Tamra’s party. Alexis is extremely upset that she attended as Vicki’s guest and that Vicki didn’t come to her rescue when she was kicked out.

Tamra goes out to confront Alexis (with a glass of wine in her hand) and overhears Alexis admitting that she has taken medication to help her cope with depression caused by the group of ladies. After a heart to heart in the limo, Tamra leaves Alexis to go back to her party.

Tamra reveals to the rest of the group that Vicki and Alexis were talking smack and that Lydia was actually standing up for them. When questioned by Tamra, Vicki claims that she is neither Team Alexis nor Team Tamra but is proud to be for Team Vicki. After choosing their side, Vicki and Lydia depart the dinner to join Alexis. A tipsy Tamra flips Vicki and Lydia off as they make a grand exit. In the limo, the three party-rejects go over an extensive list of everyone Tamra has humiliated.

The psychic comes back to bless the studio to clear all the negative energy from the building. Tamra wishes herself “much success and a really hard body.”  I don’t think the Christian Crew would have enjoyed the supernatural rituals performed by the psychic, so maybe it was a good thing they left when they did. 

Briana and Vicki go through old photo albums and reminisce about how shortness of life. Vicki realizes all the stupid arguments between herself and Briana and with all her friends are pointless.

Slade calls from New York and tells Gretchen that things with his son were not good. The sickness of the child also puts life into perspective with Gretchen and all the harsh words she had with Vicki the other night at the party. She has a friend lined up to watch her dog and is on her way to New York to support Slade through this difficult time.

Tamra fills Eddie in on the drama-filled evening over late night Mexican food. Eddie is tired of hearing about all the bad news and wants to talk about something a little happier … like their marriage. Questions are raised for Tamra when she realizes that she and Eddie have different views on the engagement and marriage process.

Vicki’s relatives arrive to her house for an out of town reunion to visit baby Troy. As they sip on cocktails, the family catches up and share family anecdotes. Don’s name is brought up several times by multiple family members but it is when Brooks’ name is mentioned that hits a bad nerve with Ryan. Ryan expresses interest in wanting what is best for Vicki and makes it clear that Brooks is NOT what she needs in her life. Vicki’s brother privately tells her that Ryan should not be in control of what Vicki does and firmly states that Ryan has no say in her decisions just because he pays a monthly rent.

Lydia goes over to Alexis’ house and they replay the downward spiral of events from Tamra’s event the night before. After biblical quotes and motherly constructive criticism, Lydia talks some common sense into Alexis about where she made mistakes and what she has to do to resolve her issues with the group. 

Next week: We meet Lydia’s hippie mom, Vicki and Ryan have a heart to heart, Terri and Heather argue in front of the kids and Vicki wants to throw a benefit at Tamra’s gym.

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