'Dancing With the Stars' recap, Jacoby and Karina rock the place

April 30, 2013|By Amy Watts

It's "Latin Night" and at the top of the show, Tom tells us the stars will have "a chance to dance for immunity." I do not like that sound of that one little bit.

Mark Ballas is wearing a color-coordinated fedora. Guess how I feel about that. Also, I’m going to turn into an old biddy and say that Zendaya’s lip color is too dark for a young woman her age.

There’s a new twist this week where whichever couple scores highest on their regular dance will get “immunity” and the other couples will then dance to add extra points to their scores. It’s a pain when my silly dancing show makes me use my brain.

Jacoby Jones & Karina Smirnoff


During rehearsals, Karina has fun with a partner as strong as Jacoby, pretty much hurling herself at him, so he can catch her. And sometimes she hurts him in the process. In fact, he misses a day of practice to get a massage and spend the day in ice. That first part sounds fun, but that second part not so much.

Jacoby explains that with football after a game, Monday you have a walk-through, and Tuesday is the players’ day off, but dance is wanting him every day.

Jacoby notes in an interview, “I love to dance, but I didn’t know dancing was this serious or this intense.”

Jacoby and Karina start at the top of the stage, she with maracas, he with bongos. In case you’re interested in this sort of detail, he is wearing a shirt, but it is entirely unbuttoned. They get in a lift that’s Jacoby swinging Karina around by an arm and a leg and then later she pretty much does a handstand into a cartwheel up his body onto his shoulders.

They look like they’re going to repeat the “Jacoby leaps over Karina from behind” move but at the last second, he doesn’t go high enough and her head ends up between his knees, with her arms holding onto his legs. Which makes me think maybe it was supposed to be that way? I don’t know. I’m sure we’ll find out if it was a goof during judging or the interviews.

Len asked if that was an earthquake or if Jacoby just rocked this place.  Len says he would’ve liked a few less lifts, and Jacoby’s mom hollers at Len from across the ballroom. The camera cuts to her, and she’s making the “I’ve got my eyes on you” gesture. And looks stunning in a white dress.

Bruno gets very excited about Jacoby’s hip action and tells Karina she spends more time flying around than Iron Man. I’m too lazy to look up if the media conglomerate that owns ABC also produces the Marvel films. Or if Bruno just gave the movie a plug out of the goodness of his heart.

Carrie Ann says Jacoby is so good that it’s like he could “fart salsa.” It just gets grosser from there and Tom Bergeron has a “Really?” look on his face.

Brooke asks a question about the farting analogy but is too prissy to say “fart.” Jacoby says that his grandmother told him if he didn’t fart he could die, so he lets it out. Lovely.  Brooke then asks if dance training is harder than football. He replies, “When I go back to the Baltimore Ravens I’m gonna talk so much trash about conditioning.”

Jacoby says his experience on the show is definitely going to improve his touchdown dances. The people of Baltimore hope he gets many, many chances to show off those moves.

Scores: Carrie Ann: 9, Len: 9, Bruno: 9

Ingo Rademacher & Kym Johnson


Ingo’s planning on bringing some of his "General Hospital" character to the rumba, for the sexy factor. He’s worried about the fine line between looking cool and looking stupid with the hip action.

It’s a rumba. It’s hip action, hip action, pose, pose.  Ingo is great in the face, selling the character, but is sometimes a little awkward in his movements. It definitely feels a little bit, “Kym dances around Ingo.”

Bruno says “hips don’t lie,” but in Ingo’s case he wishes they could. The tension was good, but the hips need a lot more work. Carrie Ann says he lost his timing and in losing his technique, lost the tension some times. Len gets a dig in at the Lakers as he criticizes Ingo, but he liked the content and says it was good, but not great.

Scores: Carrie Ann: 7, Len: 8, Bruno: 7

Kellie Pickler & Derek Hough


Kellie did three concerts in three states last week and it really cut into their training time. Derek’s adding what looks like a lot of advanced content to their routine.

Derek’s shirtless. Are we going to have to institute a dress code for this show: “No shirt, no shoes, no scores”? Kellies got on a long wig this week.

There’s an odd part in the middle where they slow down their moves, not matching the tempo of the song at all. And then they finish with the complicated under the arm turn that Kellie was having trouble with in rehearsal.

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