Our country's core values shined through after Boston bombing

April 27, 2013

As I watched the horrific scenes from the Boston Marathon, and later the activities at political, social, religious and sporting events, with disconnected disbelief, I realized that the terrorists exemplified a political miscalculation, a social misunderstanding of "who" we are as a people and a nation ("Swift justice for suspected Boston bomber" April 23).

Yes we argue, we debate, we fail to compromise, we discriminate and we absolutize our lifestyles and values. Yet what we witnessed on Patriot's Day and its sequelae was an unspoken coming together that transcended our petty priorities and differences. Together, we demonstrated a collective, unwavering, unyielding and unequivocal commitment to our core values: "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." Words were unnecessary. Police, firefighters, first responders, spectators, runners, hospital personnel, local, state and national politicians acted as one.

Our core values endure and will continue to endure.

Hal MacLaughlin, Baltimore

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