Letter: Water a precious resource that should be conserved

Letter to the editor

April 26, 2013

I think people should try to conserve water and not pollute it. Water is the primary resource people and animals need to live. Only about three percent of the water on Earth is fresh and there are about seven billion people. If we're not careful, the water could go down the drain.

Everyone has seen pictures of oil and other pollutants in water, but I don't think they take them seriously.

In the past, DDT was a pollutant that damaged the food chain. It kept working its way upward, starting with small animals, then getting to bigger ones. When humans ate animals with DDT in their bodies, they became ill with cancer.

Bald eagles nearly became extinct because they ate smaller animals infected with DDT. The shells of their eggs became too thin and broke before they were mature.

That is why we must stop putting dangerous chemicals in water.

Another serious problem is wasting water. People act as though there is an endless supply, but there is not.

Here are some suggestions for conserving water:

• Scrub vegetables in a bowl so water is not wasted in running over them.

• Water plants with that water.

• Store drinking water in the refrigerator so the spigot does not have to run until the water grows cold.

• Run the washing machine only when it's fully loaded.

• Shower for five minutes instead of ten.

Remember that saving water counts.

You may think that you can't make a difference, but the next generation may be the one wiped out because of lack of water. Using it wisely may save your children's lives.

Clara Langan


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