Cardinal Gibbons shows the way to save baseball

April 25, 2013

The Sun's Scott Dance recently reported on the salvaging of baseball fields at the shuttered Cardinal Gibbons school ("$1.4 million raised for baseball field at site of Cardinal Gibbons School," April 20). He reported money was raised by the Cal Ripken Foundation and other donors.

Last week, State Comptroller Peter Franchot asked for the resignation of Towson University President Maravane Loeshke for the school's failure to manage their budget allowing for the insolvency of their sport's teams including baseball. However, Gov. Martin O'Malley and the state government came to the rescue.

Cardinal Gibbons success is because people wanted to do something. Towson University's free gift of hundreds of thousands of our tax dollars handed over by the O'Malley administration is the result of every taxpayer in this state being forced to support Towson's circumstance.

If I held out my arm, would I be forced to give my blood to the state so they could sell that too?

William F. Alcarese, Baltimore

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