'Survivor Caramoan' recap, 'Come Over to the Dark Side'

  • Jeff Probst watches the survivors competes for Immunity during "Survivor: Caramoan."
Jeff Probst watches the survivors competes for Immunity during… (Greg Gayne / CBS )
April 25, 2013|By Beth Aaltonen

To start out, we get a very long recap of last week’s freakin’ awesome Tribal Council where Malcolm turned the whole game on its head, and Phillip went home. It was so awesome, in fact, that no one can even be mad at them when they get back to camp, congratulating the guys on their bold move. Plus I think they’re all relieved that Phillip went home, and they don’t have to listen to him and all of his annoying ‘Stealth ‘R Us’ talk.

They’re at Day 29, and everybody is starting to get a little weary, and everybody is hungry. Brenda is feeling especially bad, probably because she had next to no body fat to begin with, and doesn’t have any reserves to live off.  Which means it’s time for the food auction! The food auction always cheers everybody up. And they’ll probably have an Immunity Idol up for grabs, since they seem to be handing them out like candy this season.

Malcolm, despite planning on not spending any money, gets beer, nuts and pretzels for the cheap price of $20. Reynold wins the next auction for $180, and is given the opportunity to switch a la ‘Let’s Make a Deal,' but he declines. He gets one slice of pizza, but he could have gotten the whole thing if he had switched. He also could have gotten a rotten coconut, so one piece is better than nothing. Sherry immediately bids $500 for the rest of the pizza. Dawn spends her $500 on a roast chicken.

Next up is a clue, which Malcolm manages to get for $480 because no one bids against him. Does everybody else want him to win? His clue seems to be directions so yet another Immunity Idol. Andrea wins spaghetti and garlic bread, but gives it up to get rice and beans for the whole tribe. Cochran spends $340 on what seems to be an advantage in the next Immunity Challenge. Brenda, who looks desperate for food, immediately bids $300 on the next covered item, and ends up with pig brain. She eats it anyway, because she’s that hungry.

Next up is letters from home, which Malcolm, Dawn and Sherry don’t get, because they’ve spent all their money. Dawn is really, really upset, Malcolm and Sherry less so. Eddie gets the last bid in, and spends $200 on what turns out to be a giant bowl of peanut butter, which everyone gets to share, although the only have a minute to do so.

Back at camp, everybody who got letters sit down to read them. Brenda still has peanut butter on her face, for some reason. Everybody gets emotional.

Malcolm and Reynold are trying to find some way to turn the numbers in their favor. They talk to Sherry about her joining their alliance, and if they can get her and Erik to turn, they’ve got the numbers they need. Malcolm gets up in the pre-dawn to try and find the Immunity Idol, but gets totally busted by Andrea, who refuses to leave until he does, effectively stopping him from looking for the Idol.

Immunity Challenge time!

This week’s challenge is an endurance challenge, holding on to a weighted rope with knots; as the challenge progresses, they have to slowly move up the knots in the rope. Last person standing wins.  Cochran’s advantage is that he can, at any time, move up two knots in the rope. (The weight gets heavier as they go down the rope.) He uses this advantage as soon as they are down two knots, which makes sense. Brenda is the first one out, followed by Erik. Now everybody (except Cochran) is at the end of their rope, with no knot to help them hold on. Sherry and Malcolm are soon out, followed by Andrea, Dawn and Reynold. Is it down to Eddie and Cochran, and because of his advantage, Cochran ends up winning Immunity.

So now who is going to go home? Is it the beginning of the end for Malcolm, Eddie, and Reynold? Cochran gets a little cocky back at camp about how well he’s doing in the Immunity Challenges. Umm, hello, you had a serious advantage in the last one, otherwise there is no way you would have won.

Sherry is trying to figure out what will be the best alliance for her to side with, and Malcolm promises to take her to the end. Makes sense — he would totally win against her. Reynold talks to Erik about voting with them. Dawn also talks to Erik, and starts to guilt him about possibly betraying them; Erik doesn’t seem to be the best liar ever, but the Favorites seem to believe him. They are worried about them flipping, but aren’t even considering that Sherry, the newest person in their alliance, might also be considering jumping ship.

Tribal Council time!

Jeff does his usual job of trying to cause trouble, but everyone plays it pretty close to the chest, although Dawn is surprised that Sherry thinks she’s on the bottom of their alliance. Umm, where else would she be? It looks like it’s going to be either Malcolm, Reynold, or Andrea who goes home, based on the votes we see.  But will Erik or Sherry (or possibly both) flip? Not in the first vote, because it’s a three way tie between them. So, because Malcolm and Reynold can’t vote, it will be one of them, right? Yup, it’s Malcolm. Guess he should have been digging a little harder.

Next week: Immunity seems to be a balance competition, and the alliance of six starts to crack.

Credits: Malcolm is frustrated that he couldn’t find the Idol when he needed it most, but had fun playing.

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