If there's a BSU, why not a WSU? [Letter]

April 24, 2013

I disagree with Towson University's attempt to thwart a White Student Union. There is a Black Student Union. It's not racist. It's based on a person's heritage. And if TU holds each organization to the same rules, then I am for it.

I also agree that white males are being disenfranchised. Many commercials on television and other media depict white males as, well, morons.

For example, there's a popular car insurance television commercial that depicts a white male cutting a tree limb and it falls on a neighbor's car. The neighbor is a black male. Another commercial by a different insurance provider has a white male standing next to his minivan and is apologizing to a person he has hit, who is a black male. Those are two that come to mind. I know there are more.

I don't know if it's an artistic trend by advertisers or an agenda. It just seems to me that across the U.S. white males are being disenfranchised.

Jeff Nelson


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