History Matters

April 24, 2013|By Louise Vest

100 Years Ago

Comings and goings

From the Times:

"Mr. and Mrs. William S. Powell will reside at 'Wisteria Hill' near Waterloo in the summer months coming.

"Mr. and Mrs. John Warfield have moved to their country home, near Lisbon, for the summer

"Raleigh Travers Lilly, who has been residing the past month in Baltimore, has returned home.

"The Trinity Guild will meet at the home of Rev. and Mrs. T.C. Stout, at the rectory Tuesday evening May 13th.

"The Simpsonville Athletic club will play the Ellicott City High School Giants at Ellicott City on May 22."

Especially in newspapers of a century ago, there were one- or two-line news briefs from all over, along with short commentaries on everyday life, often humorous, and some still applicable.

There are also those that give insight into the thinking of some living in that era, as does the following description of the beleaguered husband who's not only saddled with an obtuse wife, but must, horror of horrors, answer a query from her.

"Between explaining the cartoons to his wife and telling her of the business that kept him away from the office when she called, a married man's evenings never get lonesome."

75 Years Ago

Library lobby

"Seed Funds For Public Library In Howard County: Delegation From County Organizations Place Proposal Before commissioners

"Appearing before the County Commissioners on Tuesday, members of a delegation representing the Parent-Teacher Associations, Farm Bureau, Homemakers Clubs and the County Granges, sought an appropriation for a free county library that would have headquarters in Ellicott City and branches in the various sections of the county.

"W.E. Hatfield, president of the Lisbon P.T.A., who acted as spokesman, introduced Mrs. A.J. Pratt of the Maryland Public Library Commission, who presented plans for the library to the Commissioners.

"Mrs. Pratt, who has had wide experience in library work, aided the County committee in formulating plans for the project and told the commissioners that an appropriation of $5,000 a year would cover the expenditures necessary. She also stated that Ellicott City is the only county-seat town in Maryland that has no library. The first circulating library of the type proposed was started in Washington county, Maryland, in 1902.

"Among those who were present and spoke favorably for the library were Mrs. Edwin Hatch, former president of the Howard County Council or the Parent-Teacher Association; Mrs. Harvey Hill, president Howard County Council of Homemakers; R. Mullineaux, President of the Howard County Farm Bureau; Roland Mullineaux, Daisy Grange; Mrs. Fred Kramer, Glenelg P.T.A."

50 Years Ago

Bids and bonds

Times briefs from the county seat:

"Court House Capsules: by Doris S. Thompson.

"The County Commissioners, at their meeting on Tuesday, April 30, rejected the bids submitted for the new police cars and have re-advertised. The new bids are to be opened on Tuesday, May 14.

"Bonds for water main extensions were guaranteed by the Commissioners for the following areas: College Ave., $20,000, Meadowvale road, $5,000; Church Lane, $10,500; Pine Orchard Meadows, $30,000; U.S. 40 between Rogers Ave. and St. Johns Lane, $20,000."

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