Michael Shannon teases Maryland sorority sister with dramatic reading

"Boardwalk Empire" star reads nasty letter to Delta Gamma sisters

April 23, 2013|By Kristine Henry,
The Baltimore Sun

It's one thing for a letter that you thought was kind-of private to go viral. A letter where you ask your fellow sorority sisters at the University of Maryland if they are "_____ retarded" and in which you say "I WILL _____ ASSAULT YOU!" because you believe them to be "awkward" and "weird."

But you know you're a true Internet sensation when a Real Hollywood Star jumps into the fray. So, congratulations to the Delta Gamma whose nasty and profanity-laced letter to her sisters exploded on the web recently: Michael Shannon of "Boardwalk Empire" has helped you arrive with a dramatic reading on Funny or Die (Warning: The video contains explicit language).

Get an agent; reality TV can't be far behind.

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