Swatek has track record of concern for Long Reach community [Letter]

April 23, 2013

Long Reach residents should make use of the election being extended one week to Saturday, April 27 and vote for Russ Swatek as the CA Council rep. Russ served previously in this position from 2009-2011. He was honest, informative and concerned about how and on what our assessments were spent. He solicited our opinions on project expenditures, concerned about environmental issues with these projects, and the value they would bring or detract from the community.

Everything sounds great when CA describes these projects as "vibrant."

What "vibrant" means is more development, more maintenance expenses on a yearly basis, more congestion, more traffic, more loss of the natural environment, more crime, the need for security cameras and foot patrol, more increases to your assessments to pay for all of these vibrant amenities and more money for the developers.

If you are seeking someone who will be passionate about fiscal accountability, numerous publicized open meetings, and projects that are environmentally sound and truly beneficial to all within the community; then please vote.

Rhonda Spero

Long Reach

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