'The Real Housewives of Orange County' recap, 'Christian on steroids'

  • Tamra Barney
Tamra Barney (Bravo )
April 23, 2013|By Steven Eliopoulos

The episode jumps right into Vicki inviting Alexis to be her date for Tamra’s party. Alexis has second thoughts about this and is surprised that Tamra even agreed to let her to attend.

Alexis finally agrees to be Vicki’s date and thinks it would be a splendid idea to invite her “Christian on steroids” friend Lydia to join the group at the dinner party as well. Let’s see how many people we can fill the room with at Tamra’s party that she either can’t stand or doesn’t even know. The more the merrier right?

Heather contemplates her outfit choice for her special guest appearance on a radio talk show where she discusses the controversial topic of bullying and makes it extremely clear to us that her and Tamra were never mean to or bullied Alexis.

For a “Christian on steroids,” Lydia’s outfit for a day with the kids is everything but appropriate. Alexis and Lydia are obviously extremely close friends and it is almost uncomfortable to watch how these Christian scissor sisters interact with each other. Alexis officially invites Lydia to join Vicki and herself to the party, which Lydia confirms would be a great night to meet new friends.  

Terry and Heather unenthusiastically get ready for a dinner with Lydia and Doug to chit chat about the Dubrow home feature on the cover of Lydia’s lifestyle magazine. The Dubrows politely decline the spread since Lydia and her man can’t offer them the exclusive cover feature.

To change the mood of the atmosphere, Lydia quickly changes the subject and mentions to Heather that she will be gracing her presence at Tamra’s party which Heather replies, “that should be interesting.”

Slade is going on an emergency trip to New York for his son Grayson’s surgery and puts a temporary strain on Gretchen and their relationship. Depending on how the operation goes, Slade could be gone for several days, weeks or even months. I hope the best for Grayson, who has been battling a brain tumor since he was 5 years old, but it was nice not to see Slade for the remainder of the episode.

Tamra takes her frustration out on Eddie as they bicker over the extended invitation to Lydia and Alexis. Tamra is annoyed and felt trapped into saying yes to Vicki when asked if she could bring the other ladies along with her to the party.

The gym is still under construction and a mess but an elegant dinner table accompanied by several leather couches are thrown in the middle of the studio floor waiting for friends of Tamra to arrive. A medium comes to bless the new business and to clear out any negative energy in the room. When asked if there would be any drama that evening she claims it will be a smooth ride, which makes me question her credibility as a psychic.

Gretchen and Heather prepare for the party with some champagne and try to figure out the motive behind Alexis and Lydia wanting to attend this momentous night with an intimate group of friends.

Vicki, Alexis and Lydia arrive to the dinner in the same limo and Vicki is bonding surprisingly well with the new housewife. Vicki strongly believes that she and Lydia are very similar to one another and I am still not quite sure why she would ever think that.

Vicki brings Tamra a welcome plant and is followed in by Lydia and Alexis. Everyone is getting along great with new introductions to the group, catching up on the lives of some of the girls and a toast to Tamra for success and happiness in her new business venture.

Tension starts to build, however, when Vicki calls Gretchen a stupid person … but leave it to Heather for some comedic relief to help extinguish any negative drama that could potentially grow.

By the time the ladies sit down for dinner, the tension in the air is so thick that no one (yes, not even peacemaker Heather) can help. Tamra wants to be open and honest as she asks Alexis (who at one point allegedly tried to sue Tamra for name calling) why she had any interest in attending her special party. Alexis becomes defensive and claims that she is being bullied once again and doesn’t enjoy when the group of ladies gang up on her.

The word bully is a sensitive word for this particular group of women and it triggers a breakout of fights between everyone in the room except for Lydia who is as quiet as the muskrat that she resembles. Lydia is in awe with the escalating chaos between these grown women and wonders what she has gotten herself into.

After several personal attacks Tamra has had enough and can’t take it anymore. She forces asks Alexis to leave her party putting Lydia in a tough predicament about whether to leave with her Christian soul mate or to stay to show her support for Tamra and her new friends she just made. Lydia is not the only one with this dilemma. Tamra also puts Vicki on the spot telling her to choose a side and to either leave with Alexis or to stay to show her love and support to a good (ex) friend. I guess we will find out Vicki’s answer next week. 

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